alright I've run a quick test to choose the plugin chain, in the attached file you can hear several takes for the car_inside line.

I'll re-record them anyway because I had my PC on and the fans were running crazy, but I wanted to try if the plugins were right and if I could get a good result. What do you think? Maybe too distorted?

I've noticed Gianfranco always says "car left" in italian, while you just say "car low" or "car inside", can I also say "car left"? right now I'm just saying "it's on the inside", and I'm avoiding "car low" because it sounds really bad in italian.

I'm also focusing on keeping the messages very short, because I've noticed Gianfranco to be a bit too calm and long to say things and during the race it can be irritating, to me at least.

Anyway if this works it won't take very long to record the files, it's actually very quick! I just record, cut the recording and bounce in place to export the wav.