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Thread: Voice recognition working - responses "not" working

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    Voice recognition working - responses "not" working

    Hi there

    Finally got voice recognition to work... However I say something like "what's my gap behind" I do not get a response. If I say something CC4 doesn't understand it says it doesn't understand... Below is the extract from the log for what happens when I press listen to the time I release. CC Build is the latest.

    14:42:25.347 : Listening for voice command...
    14:42:25.353 : Opened channel - waiting for speech
    14:42:25.353 : Getting audio from nAudio input stream
    14:42:27.471 : Invoking speech recognition...
    14:42:27.477 : Cancelling wait for speech
    14:42:27.514 : Recognised : what's my gap behind confidence = 0.783
    14:42:27.525 : Clip acknowledge/no_data is not valid


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    Are you actually in a race session when you make that request?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr_belowski View Post
    Are you actually in a race session when you make that request?
    I wasn't in a race session, was in practice. FYI tried quite a few alternatives with same result.

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    I'm seeing the same behavior. I'm always returned with Clip acknowledge/no_data though. I'm not sure if CrewChief isn't reading my telemetry right or what, but all of the output about tire wear/temps all read out to 0. I can never calculate fuel, or anything like that actually.

    I'm not sure if this is related to the option to log 360Hz telemetry? I truly doubt that, but I do have that option turned off. I tested with it on and no difference anyways.

    Crew Chief is connected to iRacing as I get spotter functionality, but as far as telemetry about fuel/tire/car status, I'm not getting anything back. Strange stuff.


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