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Thread: Issue assigning button when using Fanatec CSL McLaren GT3 rim

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    Issue assigning button when using Fanatec CSL McLaren GT3 rim


    I have the Fanatec CSL Wheel Base and bought the McLaren rim they just released.

    I'm having some trouble with assigning a button to CC when using this rim. Whenever pressing a button on the rim, I get 3 detections by CC, e.g.:

    21:09:43.980 : Got button at index 3
    21:09:43.983 : Got button at index 36
    21:09:43.984 : Got button at index 48

    I can also get a 36+48 to register just by moving the rim after pressing Assign, so I suspect its wheel movement signals that are being picked up.

    I just discovered there's a v311 driver version (I was on v310) so going to see if that makes any difference now, but dont want to lose this post, so going to post now and will come back shortly.

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    Ok, I'm on all the latest software and firmwares and the behavior didnt change.

    I was hoping to change the setting to button 3 manually as a workaround, but I went through the settings (the XML file) and couldnt find how to do so. I was able to find a workaround by using button 3 on my other rim, though, then switching rims. Guess I'm using button 3 on that rim now.
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    the config file you need to edit is in

    C:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Local\Britton_IT_Ltd\CrewChiefV4[some random rubbish]\\user.config

    (or whatever the latest version version subfolder is)

    Do the assignment from the CC interface, and save it (even if you think it got the wrong button ID) - the device ID should still be correct.

    Look for the button index you want in that config file and edit the value element by hand - e.g. CHANNEL_OPEN_FUNCTION_button_index

                <setting name="CHANNEL_OPEN_FUNCTION_button_index" serializeAs="String">
                <setting name="CHANNEL_OPEN_FUNCTION_device_guid" serializeAs="String">
                <setting name="CHANNEL_OPEN_FUNCTION_device_type" serializeAs="String">
                    <value />

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