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Thread: Program start arguments

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    Program start arguments

    I've read the section in the readme about using program start arguments to launch a particular game but without success. I'm using a batch file to start Crew Chief and want it to automatically launch Assetto Corsa. Exactly what do I need to put on the command line to do this? I know that I can do this from within the Crew Chief properties but I don't want to as I'd like it to be able to launch other games with different batch files. Thanks in advance!
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    Just posted this batch file on the AC forum - should do what you want

    REM    To start the app in a particular game mode, add one of RACE_ROOM PCARS2 PCARS_64BIT PCARS_32BIT PCARS_NETWORK RF1 ASSETTO_64BIT ASSETTO_32BIT RF2_64BIT IRACING to your shortcut
    REM    If you want the app to launch the game for you, and be ready and listening for data right away (no need to press the 'Start application' button)
    REM    ensure that these properties are set:
    REM    - "[game] launch exe" - usually the path to Steam's .exe file (for some games this can be replaced with the game's .exe file)
    REM    - "[game] launch params" - when using the steam .exe file, this is used to tell steam which game to run and has the form -applaunch 123456.
    REM        it can also be used to pass other arguments to the game's exe. In some cases you may need to use the path to the game's launch exe
    REM        instead of steam's exe in order to pass the command line arguments you want (if you set this to game's exe, remove the -applaunch 12345 part)
    REM    - "Launch [game]" - enable this to tell the app to try and launch the game (the app will run the launch exe with the launch params when it stars)
    REM    - "Run immediately" - enable this to tell the app to start listening as soon as it launches (so you don't have to press the 'Start application' button)
    REM    For example:
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Britton IT Ltd\CrewChiefV4\CrewChiefV4.exe" ASSETTO_64BIT

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    Are there any arguments that can be used to safely close the program (i.e. to stop the app first and then close it)?

    I open my games using batch files and the mentioned arguments work perfectly, but when I use TASKKILL to close CrewChief I get the "CrewChief has stopped working" popup window...trying to avoid that window, so just looking for a safer way to auto-close CrewChief.

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    Also, you didn't add the argument code for Automobilista (both here and in the help guide in the program/FAQ)...but I figured it out myself: AMS.

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