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Thread: Lack of prioritisation in the calls

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    Lightbulb Lack of prioritisation in the calls

    Hello, I don't know if it's a bug or actually a feature request, however here it is.

    I'm on PC, iRacing, actually using the Italian language pack (just because voice-recognition is a nightmare, my pronunciation must be really off )

    If CC has a call going, it will have to finish it before passing onto the next one in a queue-like system.

    Example: I'm on the finish line, and right after the finish line a car gets side by side with me.

    In the current state, CC will say, in order:

    - "Your last lap time was 1:xx:xx"
    - "You're on ?th place"
    - "Your sector 3 is 3 tenths off the pace"

    and just then

    - "car on the left"

    I've avoided several crashes because I was relying on CC to spot for me, just to find out that if he's talking, he won't switch priority until he's done.

    The ideal behaviour, IMHO, would be:

    - "Your lap time wa-- CAR ON THE LEFT -- STILL THERE -- CLEAR. Your lap time was one, fifty five, etcetc" and then back to the queue.

    Same with the flags, I've had important yellow flags called while CC was talking, and it called them only when I was three corners after them.

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    Good feedback We do have message prioritization internally, but currently one message cannot interrupt another.

    We have a mechanism where we interrupt messages if user holds button to talk to Chief (if option is enabled). Your post made me wonder if we could modify it to allow Spotter to interrupt Chief's messages. It won't be instant, and it won't be in the middle of a word, but it might be an improvement. Chief interrupting Chief is less interesting scenario in my opinion (although I'd really like to get Chief misspeak once in a while), but since Chief and Spotter are different people IRL this might be worth a shot. I'll take a note of this and look into it when I get time.

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    Is it possible to simply play the spotter and CC simultaneously? I could see that being annoying if there's a lot of action and both talking at once (especially if your spotter and chief are the same person, lol). Maybe worth testing as a settings option. I do like the interrupt idea. How do they manage it in real autoracing? I would think tighter tracks/bigger fields (NASCAR or IMSA w/ multi-class racing) would get the busiest.

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    thank you! surely the spotter is a higher priority than the flags. you need to react quickly to the spotter, while the yellow flags can wait a little bit sometimes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MatteAce View Post
    thank you! surely the spotter is a higher priority than the flags. you need to react quickly to the spotter, while the yellow flags can wait a little bit sometimes.
    Please, do not thank me yet, I've no idea if it will actually fly, but will have a look into this in 2-3 months, as I have some things I'd like to finish before that And, if someone releases VR headset with higher FOV chances are I won't ever get to it Just kidding, thanks for the feedback.

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    don’t tell me, since I have gone past motion sickness I’ve been racing an average of 6 hours per day in the last 6 months... :P

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    We've done some work on this in the latest release. We're not quite there yet but we've added a first cut of a more aggressive interruption mechanism. We're limited by the behaviour of the built in sound player object - it's not possible for the app to stop a sound part way through. However, we can prevent it playing any other sounds if the spotter wants to talk. This means the app can abandon messages part way through if they contain more than one sound file and the spotter wants to talk.

    It can sound a little odd at times but it certainly raises the priority of the spotter. We have a couple more related improvements to make here over the next couple of releases.

    Enable this behaviour with the "spotter and responses block other messages"

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    this is amazing!! thank you so much!!

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    Yeah this is smashing. I've played around with it on more packed races and it's definitely come in handy. As you said, not perfect and can be odd at times "That lap was a, Car Right!" but it saved me from wrecking in heavier action when I didn't realize who was around me. And that's the spotter's job. I can't wait to see what else you tweak but to me this is a huge success.

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    I gotta report a bug! Sometimes when it interrupts the message, the first spotter message gets lost.

    It goes like:

    "Your lap time was - SILENCE - still right"
    I presume instead of SILENCE I was supposed to get a "car left".

    I'm on the italian translation pack.

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