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Thread: HELP...NumberReader spanish implementation

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    HELP...NumberReader spanish implementation

    Hello, I would like to work on the implementation in Spanish ... I am quite advanced but I still have some details to make the work great.
    my question is: how can I implement my numberReader in crewchief?
    with the ui_text , sound_config.txt in the folder C: \ Users \ ... \ AppData \ Local \ CRewChiefV4 I overwrite the original configuration but how do I do it with the numberReader?
    I tried to create a file called NumberReaderImpl.cs in that path but it does not work for me.
    I'm doing a good job and I want to finish it, so I ask you for help

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    the number reader implementation for Italian *might* do what you want. Is there a specific issue with the way numbers are constructed with the English implementation? There are a few options available, but I would have thought Italian would be closer to Spanish. Adding another number reader implementation would require it to be compiled with the app - if you want to create a pull request with your implementation I'll have a look at it and add it to the app

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