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Thread: multi class warning

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    multi class warning

    how does this actually work? does this work at all in practice?

    i was just surprised by a lmp1 car 2 times in a short amount of time after trying this tool. i decided to stop then.

    i found the option "Multi-class faster car warning time", seems to be at 15 seconds on standart.
    enable multi class messages is turned on of course.

    does this also give a warning in practice if a car comes out of the pits 10 seconds behind you and approaches you?

    what does actually work in practice, it seems to most of the question the answer simply is "we dont have this data available right now" or something.

    i actually hoped this tool could made me ditch my blackboxes entirely in VR. but it doesnt look like it at the moment.

    or am i doing something wrong?

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    Multi-class warnings are only enabled in race sessions, we may add it for other session types at some point but it will takes some rework of the implementation.

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