Currently, further rF2 specific improvements are suspended. I am quite happy with how rF2 support is as of March 2018. There are some things I would like to do in rF2 (see below) but they will be _much_ easier and correct if S397 extends the Intenals model. As such, I do not anticipate any further rF2 specific improvements any time soon (aside from minor changes).

I am not aware of any serious CC issues with rF2. There were some reports about driver swap/incorrect damage reports, but I do not race rF2 online and I won't be fixing those issues, unless someone volunteers to collect traces and test fixes. Please PM me if you'd like to help.

------------------Suspended till further Internals model expansion------------------------
Here's the current list of rFactor 2 specific known issues and missing features that I am hoping to have in Crew Chief, eventually (in order of priority). The ones marked as [WIP] are currently being worked on.

Known Issues:
* Driver swap possibly not working well. Need volunteers to collect traces and test.
* Vehicle damage reported sometimes in online races at race start. Need volunteers to collect traces and test.

Minimum Features considered:
* [Suspended in hope that S397 simply exposes needed data] Use hdv/veh/tbc etc files to extract vehicle info not available via Internals Model.
* [Suspended] calculate brake temp/tire temp ranges, wear, pit crew readiness, rear flap from vehicle db.
* Penalty served not reported
* if penalty is out of pits, announce "speeding in pits" penalty.
* if penalty is out of formation lap, announce "penalty for violating order" penalty.
* if penalty is under blue, announce "penalty for not letting that guy pass" penalty.
* if penalty after start, announce "penalty for the false start" penalty.
* if penalty after cut track "penalty for cutting the track" penalty.
* disable CC for Private Practice

Extra Features considered:
* Expose damage thresholds via options of CC or via car class configuration file
* Foul language on new contact
* [Suspended] Pit box countdown