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Thread: Can we get a Pitbox Countdown?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Pickford View Post
    Yes, a "box in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1" is more of what I was hoping for.

    At Atlanta yesterday, the current countdown, whilst nice to have over nothing at all, still left me guessing when to turn into my stall.
    "Sounds stupid" Okay. Well, if you are in an oval race, as Mark agrees, it's almost impossible to find your pitbox when everyone is going down pit road in a line or are staggered. Hearing "50 meters" does nothing to aid you into your box. It's fine, I can run SimRacingApps to do this. If you decide it's a good idea and you want to market this product to more of the Nascar/oval crowd, then I will use yours. The other thing you could add is a "beep" at red line or shift points. Then I could get rid of SRA all together!


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    I just tried using the countdown for pit stall and used to use DRE and the distance is not intuitive. DRE would count you down, I am trying to use less apps and really enjoying CC.

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    Yes yes

    Quote Originally Posted by Kristian Swensson View Post
    Not a countdown, it tells you how many meters away you are. When I think of a meter, I am putting coins in it so I can park my car.

    Can we get a "5-4-3-2-stop on your sign" added?
    This is a great request and should able to be turned on... Also it should tell you in feet not meters. And a count down that doesn't stop at 50 meters would be great.

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