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Thread: wrong spotter info after update in pc2

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    wrong spotter info after update in pc2

    Before this latest update things were working pretty good. The update notification said there was a fix for pc2 wrong pitstop info which I hadn´t noticed so far. Funny enough now it actually does give me wrong info: it´s already raining heavily for 3 laps and only then I get the message there might be some rain coming in the next few minutes. that hadn't happened before. I´d already done my planned obligatory pitstop and put on wets 3 laps ago. After 2 more laps, the last lap , I get the message I need to box otherwise I´ll be disqualified!! I ignored it and wasn´t disqualified ofcourse- I'd done my pitstop. Something's definitely off with this latest update-wish I could go back to a previous one.

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    there were no changes in the way the app handles conditions information (rain) so I'm not sure what's going on there.

    Looking at the pit stuff now - it worked fine when I tested it but I'll see what I can find

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