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    Slow download

    Thanks for a great program. Just want to mention that my initial download of the program and use of the auto update download links was extremely slow to me here in Australia. I was wondering if anyone else had this happen, or if something is wrong with your system. I have fastest internet available in Australia, and still these small files took almost an hour to download. My internet is working fine to any other website.
    Also i had a popup mention files such as voice and personalizations could be manually downloaded. This dispearred quickly though and i did not see it again, and could not find the individual files anywhere online.
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    the files are stored in C:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Local\CrewChiefV4\sounds\

    there are 3 sets - driver_names, personalisations, and the main sound_pack. These each have their own ..._version_info.txt file (one in the driver_names folder, one in personalisations, and one in the root of the sounds folder). You can force the app to re-download the update packages for these by reducing the number in those files by one (e.g. changing driver_names_version_info.txt so it contains 125 instead of 126).

    I've just changed the download site for the 'alternate' download locations - if you go to the app's properties screen and search for alternate, there's a property called 'Prefer alternate download locations'. If you enable this, the sound packs will be downloaded from our secondary FTP site. This is normally much slower than the primary site so isn't generally recommended, but if the primary is unusably slow for you changing to the alternate download locations may help.

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