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Thread: CC spotter calls during playback

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    CC spotter calls during playback

    Not a big deal, but the CC spotter makes erroneous calls during AC playback and tends to repeat the wrong spotter calls over and over. Again, not a huge deal, but it would be nice for the spotter calls to be correct like during the actual race.

    Thanks for all your work on this wonderful app. Greatly appreciated sir. Well done.

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    It was never designed to work in playback and to be honest its not some thing that i'm going to look into fixing,

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    isn't this just a case of adding

    if (!enabled || currentState.acsChief.numVehicles <= 1 ||
         currentState.acsGraphic.status == AC_STATUS.AC_REPLAY ||
         (mapToFloatTime(currentState.acsChief.vehicle[0].currentLapTimeMS) < timeAfterRaceStartToActivate &&
                    currentState.acsChief.vehicle[0].lapCount <= 0))

    to the spotter code?

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