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Thread: How to enable rF2 Stock Car Rules in Crew Chief

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    How to enable rF2 Stock Car Rules in Crew Chief

    Below is deprecated. changes the way of using SCR plugin, see here:

    Version of the Crew Chief enables Stock Car Rules in rFactor 2. This mode requires special configuration (see the end of this post if you're curious why):

    Steps to enable Stock Car Rules in the Crew Chief:

    • Let Crew Chief update the rF2 Shared Memory plugin to version or newer by starting rF2 and CC once and exiting the game.
    • Make sure StockCarRules.dll "Enabled" is set to 0 (yes, disabled) in UserData\player\CustomPluginVariables.json. Do not Delete the plugin.
    • In UserData\player\CustomPluginVariables.json make sure SM plugin configuration looks like this:

        " Enabled":1,
    • In order to enable SCR In Crew Chief, you've either of the two options
    • In preferences, make sure "Use American terms" option is checked.
    • Or, set useAmericanTerms = true on your vehicle class.

    That's it, you should be good to go!

    Troubleshooting steps:

    If you would like to make sure SCR plugin was enabled successfully, check Crew Chief console window for the following message:
    rFactor 2 Shared Memory version: 64bit. Stock Car Rules plugin hosted.

    If you do not see this message, something is not right. To help us diagnose the problem, set rF2 SM plugin configuration debug output value to:

    And include "UserData\Log\RF2SMMP_DebugOutput.txt" with your report.

    Why special configuration?

    Stock Car Rules are implemented as a plugin in rF2. Shared Memory plugin does not see the output of that plugin, because rF2 (partially) isolates plugins from each other. My colleague on the Crew Chief team, Morten, suggested excellent idea to simply load SCR plugin in SM plugin and forward all rF2 calls to it. And that's how we made SCR rules to work with the Crew Chief.

    Special thanks go to Mike Schreiner. He helped me to understand those rules and tested this implementation for everyone to enjoy.

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    This is now deprecated. See on how to enable SCR stuff in CC.

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