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Thread: Beta Test Thread

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    Beta Test Thread

    this beta adds some additional cut track logic, so the app's track limits messages are less random. If you're only cutting occasionally the Chief will be calm about it but if you're really taking the piss with track limits he's start to lose his shit. This beta requires the latest sound pack update (released today)

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    The VR telemetry overlay is a great idea.
    I can get it to work but once I close it out RF2 then has really bad stutters that makes it unplayable.

    Not sure if I am calling it up properly.

    I checked the appropriate boxes in CC property (Enable overlay window, and the oculus check box).

    Once in game I call up the overlay and access it by hitting the dash board button on the controller to call up the oculus dashboard, then I add crew chief overlay as a toggle button on the dash board and press this to view the overlay.

    Works great, but after I shut down the dash board, that is when the in game stutters start, like the FPS are suddenly incredibly low.

    Before CC overlays I would access my telemetry through motec by calling up the oculus dashboard, then virtual desktop, then starting motec and viewing my data. I would then shut down the oculus dashboard and return to racing with no stutters.

    Not sure if I am doing this correctly or not and would appreciate any help.

    Also I think a good idea for an overlay sheet would be a list of the verbal commands that we can give...your program has become so incredibly verbose over time that I can't remember everything that I can query.

    Fantastic work!!

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    Do you also have the console display enabled on the overlay ?, when ooulus dashboard toggles the overlay window does it remain active as a window on the taskbar ?
    Also can you please provide us with a log file from when your have been using the overlay it should be located in C:\Users\{USERNAME}\Documents\CrewChiefV4\debugLog s it might help spread a light on whats could be wrong.

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