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Thread: How to collect track Corner Data

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    The current list in game of rF2 circuits that have their corners named is as follows. Where there are duplicated listed that is because there are different versions of the same circuit created by different modders or a circuit has several layouts and each layout carries the same name. To find out in game if CC knows the corner names then ask him "Corner names?" and he will tell you the names as you drive through them from that point on circuit until the start finish straight.

    If anyone wants to add to the circuits in game you may find useful for the corner names .

    1966 Brianza
    1966 Monte Carlo
    200", "Snetterton200
    300", "Snetterton300
    Adelaide 1988
    Adelaide Street Circuit
    Alabama Superspeedway
    Apple Valley Speedway
    Assen TT Circuit
    Barbagallo", "Barbagallo2013
    Barber Motorsports Park
    Barber Motorsports Park 2015
    Brands Hatch GP
    Brands Hatch INDY", "Brands
    Brianza 10K
    Brianza Junior
    Bristol Motor Speedway
    Brookdale Speedway
    Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (after 2013)", "Mosport Park
    Castle Combe classic
    Castle Combe modern
    Circuit de la Sarthe
    Circuito Monteblanco Variante 1
    Circuito Monteblanco Variante 10
    Circuito Monteblanco Variante 10
    Circuito Monteblanco Variante 2
    Circuito Monteblanco Variante 2ch2
    Circuito Monteblanco Variante 3
    Circuito Monteblanco Variante 4
    Circuito Monteblanco Variante 4ch3
    Circuito Monteblanco Variante 5
    Circuito Monteblanco Variante 6
    Circuito Monteblanco Variante 7
    Croft -- Road Course
    Daytona International Speedway
    Daytona International Speedway
    Detroit 1988
    Donington Park GP Circuit
    Donington Park National Circuit
    Dover International Speedway
    Eagle Creek Speedway
    Estoril 1988
    Full Course
    Hermanos Rodriguez 1988
    Hockenheim 1988
    HockenheimRing DT
    Hungaroring 1988
    Imola 1988
    Indianapolis - 2007 GP
    Indianapolis - 2013 GP
    Indianapolis - 2014 GP
    Indianapolis - Brickyard", "Indianapolis - Oval
    Indianapolis -- Oval
    Jacarepagua 1988
    Jacksonville Superspeedway
    Jerez 1988
    Joseville Speedway
    Kansas Speedway
    Las Vagas Motor Speedway
    Lausitzring Grand Prix long
    Lausitzring Grand Prix short
    lausitzring superspeedway
    Le Bugatti Circuit
    Lime Rock Park -- All Chicanes
    Lime Rock Park -- No Chicanes
    Lime Rock Park -- Uphill Chicane
    Lime Rock Park -- West Bend Chicane
    Loch Drummond - Long Layout
    Loch Drummond - Short Layout
    Longford 1967
    Louisiana -- Indy Grand Prixp
    Magnificent_Park_International GP
    Magnificent_Park_National GP
    Malaysian Full Loop
    Mantorp Park
    Martinsville Speedway
    Matsusaka East Circuit
    Matsusaka Grand Prix Circuit", "Matsusaka International Circuit
    Matsusaka International Old Chicane
    Matsusaka International West Chicane
    Matsusaka Motorcycle Circuit
    Matsusaka West - West Chicane
    Matsusaka West Circuit
    Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca
    Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca
    Michigan International Speedway
    Mid-Ohio No Chican
    Mid-Ohio With Chicane
    Mills Inner Loop A
    Mills Inner Loop B
    Mills Inner Loop C
    Mills Outer Loop A
    Mills Outer Loop B
    Mills Outer Loop C
    Misano World Circuit Grand Prix
    Monte Carlo 1988
    Montreal 1988
    Monza 1988
    Mores - Short Layout
    Mountain Peak - Legends Oval
    mountain peak speedway
    mountainpeak road course
    New Hampshire Motor Speedway
    NolaMP -- B - Course
    NolaMP -- C - Course
    NolaMP -- D - Course
    Northside International Racewa
    Nuerburg GP
    Nuerburg Sprint
    Oschersleben Motorsport Park
    Oschersleben Motorsport Park
    Oschersleben Motorsport Park
    Oulton Park Fosters
    Oulton Park International
    Oulton Park International NC
    Oulton Park Island
    Palm Beach Intl Road Course
    Palm Springs Road Course A
    Palm Springs Road Course B
    Palm Springs Speedway
    Paul Ricard 1988
    Paul Ricard HTTT
    Paul Ricard HTTT
    Paul Ricard HTTT
    Pocono Raceway
    Portimao Circuit
    Portland International Raceway Chicane
    Portland International Raceway No Chicane
    Portugal GP Layout
    Portugal GT Layout
    Poznan Circuit -- Race Weekend
    Poznan Circuit -- Track Day
    RaceRfactor Austin 2013
    RaceRfactor Austria 201
    RaceRfactor Barcelona 2013
    RaceRfactor China 2014
    RaceRfactor Hungaroring 2013
    RacerFactor Melbourne 2013
    RaceRfactor Mexico 2015
    RaceRfactor Monaco 2013
    RaceRfactor Montreal 2013", "Montreal GP
    RaceRfactor Monza 2014
    RaceRfactor Singapur 2013
    RaceRfactor Sochi 2014
    RaceRfactor Spa 2013
    RacerFactor Suzuka 2013
    RaceRfactor Yas Marina 2013
    Road America
    Road America 2016
    Road America 2016
    Rouen 1955-70
    SaoPaulo GP
    Sardian Heights Long
    Sardian Heights Short
    Sebring Club Course
    Sebring Modified Course
    Silverstone -- National Layout
    Silverstone 1988
    Spa Francorchamps 1988
    Suzuka 1988
    VIR Grand Course
    VIR North Course
    VIR Patriot Course
    VIR South Course
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    Would anyone be willing to share their corner data folder? I’m starting from scratch and it’s taking ages to do it by hand!

    I’d be happy to make another donation to the cause if so!

    I’m only running Assetto Corsa if that makes any difference?

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    i don't understand what you want here. The file with the existing corner data is here:

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    I race Ovals in iRacing.
    I dont know if its a stupid Question, but do we need Corner Data for Oval Tracks ?
    If yes, i can record them.

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    yes, we can use oval corner data so if you collect any from iRacing we can incorporate it. Here's an example for Alabama SS:

    			"rf2TrackNames": ["Alabama Superspeedway"],
    			"isOval": true,
    			"trackLandmarks": [{
    					"landmarkName": "turn1",
    					"distanceRoundLapStart": 300,
    					"distanceRoundLapEnd": 780,
    					"isCommonOvertakingSpot": true
    					"landmarkName": "turn2",
    					"distanceRoundLapStart": 781,
    					"distanceRoundLapEnd": 1260,
    					"isCommonOvertakingSpot": true
    					"landmarkName": "turn3",
    					"distanceRoundLapStart": 2240,
    					"distanceRoundLapEnd": 2710,
    					"isCommonOvertakingSpot": true
    					"landmarkName": "turn4",
    					"distanceRoundLapStart": 1711,
    					"distanceRoundLapEnd": 3180,
    					"isCommonOvertakingSpot": true
    					"landmarkName": "the_tri_oval",
    					"distanceRoundLapStart": 3500,
    					"distanceRoundLapEnd": 4325,
    					"isCommonOvertakingSpot": true

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    Ok, then lets go

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    OK, i did some. But i dont understand 1 thing.
    The Talladega above has 4 Turns, why ?
    My Talladega have 2 Turns. Or i do somthing wrong. An Oval only have 2 Turns.

    I´ve done...
    Charlotte 2018 Roval
    Charlote Quadoval
    Daytona 2011
    Daytona Oval

    I do more, when i understand it 100%

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    They call turn 2 the section from half way round the first corner to the end of the first corner. So turn 3 is the first half of the second corner. It's silly, but then so is oval racing

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    Ok, understand it. So i must do all new.

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    I´ve done some Tracks, now with the right Data. I upload it when i have finished all Oval Tracks.
    I know its a stupid question again from me, but what can i do, or better, what can CC do with these Information ?

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