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Thread: AMS Blue Flag

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    Oh, the classes of cars I'm using are already in the CC .json - I was just using GTD instead of GT3 and LMP instead of LMP1/2 for a Weathertech series.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr_belowski View Post
    I've added some additional checks for the next version anyway - the app should be less sensitive to blue flags, and I've also added the option to switch them off for AMS
    Hello, i get the same issue as co199, even if the car is at 100 meters behind me i get the call, its very irritating to say the least
    @Jim you say you added an option to switch them off, i looked in the app but coulnd find anything related to blue flag, can you help me to find it please?
    if i switch the yellow flag button, the blue flag warning comes anyway.


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    you're quite right. I've no idea where that change went but it's definitely not in the release. I'll track it down and re-add it, and if I can't find it I'll implement it again


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    BTW AMS dosent send the blue flag icon, thats why i suspect its on CC side

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    Thanks a lot Jim, the option is back in this great app

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