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Thread: Crew Chief V4 slow download speed

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    Crew Chief V4 slow download speed

    Do you know if the server that the program connects to download the files is having an issue or not? As currently I am getting an average of 100-400 Kbps. (I have tried both the alternate and primary download locations selection located in Properties) If this is normal do you know how long it generally takes to download each of the 3 parts. as it seems to be moving very slowly.
    I guess I should just let it download its stuff for a day, hopefully windows 10 does not do its infamous restart in the middle of the night.

    Also just so you know, I am from Brisbane, Australia. If that is of any use.

    Thank you for your time and keep up the excellent work. (I did use your program when it just became V4 a year or 2 back)

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    actually the primary and alternate download locations only refer to the location of the update metadata. The program update is always downloaded from our primary FTP server. The sound pack updates are always downloaded from our secondary FTP server. The primary is slower but gives us greater control and download tracking, the secondary is faster (which is why it's used for sounds). I'll just check them...

    [edit] just had 3 megabytes per second off the secondary, so that looks OK
    [edit2] the primary looks fine too

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    Hmmm. I think it is the international connection then.
    I just restarted the download, and still same speed.
    It appears it's my end, but according to most other websites I get about 40-80Mbps.
    Thanks for looking into it. I guess I have to be patient.

    [E1] I just read my post, and (faceplam) I forgot to mention I am referring to the downloading of the 'Soundpack', 'Driver Names' and 'Personalizations' they are downloading very slowly. but the main installer file downloaded very quickly I might add.
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    Yup, the download speed here is very slow too. It took me an hour to download the new sound pack. I guess it should be indeed the international connection.

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