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Thread: F.a.q.

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    Q: The app's sounds stutter a little when it's first started
    A: The app will load all its sound files into memory when you first launch it. This can take a little time (about 20 seconds on my SSD drive immediately after starting Windows, about 4 seconds the next time I launch Crew Chief). While this is being done the app can still be launched and will work as normal but on some systems there may be some slight delays while it loads sound files that haven't yet been loaded into memory. This is normal. You'll see a message in the console when the background load is complete - something like "Took 19.39s to lazy load remaining message sounds"

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    Q: Desktop/start menu CC shortcut link is broken after every CC update, how to fix this?
    A: Shortcut link created by CC installer is a special shortcut that gets invalidated when new version of CC is installed, and we don't have control over that behavior. What you could do is:
    - go to CC install location (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Britton IT Ltd)
    - right click on CrewChievV4.exe file and select Create Shortcut
    - place/rename that shortcut to your liking. This shortcut will stay valid between CC updates.

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    Q: CC text looks very small on my 4k display.
    A: See this post:

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    Q: CC does not recognize voice commands, or recognizes them rarely.
    A: The first step is making sure CC speech recognition is setup correctly. You should see no speech recognition related error messages and "Confidence" messages in CC console output when CC tries to recognize speech. To set speech up, follow CC help instructions. One common caveat - make sure SR software bitness matches your OS (64bit most often) and locale (en-GB, en-US, en-AU, en-IN). Obviously, currently CC only recognizes commands issued in the English language.

    Once CC SR is set up correctly, you can use "Confidence" messages in the CC console to fine tune recognition. The goal is to get confidence's numeric value as high as possible. To start with, you could try asking "Can you hear me?" using various settings and see how it affects "Confidence" value.

    There are two main ways to improve success of SR in CC:
    1. Your physical setup matters:
      • Quality of microphone affects quality of speech recognition. If you've multiple, try them to see which one brings best results.
      • Microphone volume, boost, gain settings in Windows Sound Control Panel affect quality of speech recognition. There's no one suggestion that fits all, you'll need to experiment to see which settings bring best results.
        - For Rift CV1 users, my personal observation AGC setting harms recognition
      • External noise harms recognition. Speakers, open headphones, motion rigs, all might interfere with recognition, and you might have to experiment to find best settings.

    2. You could lower "Confidence" settings in CC Preferences. There are two preferences that control that: "Minimum voice recognition confidence" and "Minimum name voice recognition confidence". By default, CC will dismiss phrases recognized with confidence below 0.5. However, if you see that phrase recognized is the right one (check console output) but confidence is frequently below 0.5, you could lower confidence value. Note that the drawback of lowering speech recognition confidence threshold is that speech might get recognized incorrectly. I am personally running confidence of 0.34.

    Last note, pronunciation matters. I noticed that pronouncing commands slowly, without too much emotion or intonation works better.

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    Q: There are too many settings in CC Preferences window, I am lost.
    A: That's why Preferences window has the Search box. Search for what you need, and it'll filter options (try everyone's favorite, "sweary"). Most of the settings apply to all the games. But, all games have game specific settings. Searching for "R3E" or "rF2" will yield settings filtered to those games. See the tooltip by hovering over Search box for full list of supported game filters.

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    Q: I want to redirect CC and game sounds into separate headphones or speakers.
    Search for "nAudio" in Preferences window. Once you enable nAudio output and/or input, you will be able to choose CC output and input audio devices (sound cards).

    Also, if you are running Win10 build 1803 or later, Windows Settings app allows configuring audio input/output per app. That is preferred way of redirecting audio output, because nAudio ouput/input is not yet fully optimized.

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    Q: Can't assign Fanatec GT3 McLaren rim's buttons.
    A: McLaren rim's rotary switches send constant input signal, which confuses CC. See how to change rim settings here:

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    Q: Can't install/uninstall Crew Chief.
    A: Under the hood, Crew Chief relies on MSI to do the install/uninstall. There are many reasons why uninstall might fail, but one of the ways to diagnose is by looking into MSI logs and finding error code, then searching for solution online.

    MSI logs are located at %temp% (press Windows+R and type %temp%). Logs have names like MSIxxxxx.log. Check log file creation time to see which is/are related to your install attempt.

    One notable error is 1612, here's MS FixIt for it:
    Thanks to S3 forum user Skybird for this solution, original post here: and

    Update 9/16/18: looks like fixit no longer supported by MS. See this article instead:

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    Q: After installing the Microsoft Speech Recognition Runtime and Language packs correctly, the app shows an error: "Unable to start speech recognition. No input is supplier to this recogniser"
    A: This can be caused by a few things, but first ensure you have your microphone set as the Default 'Recording' device in the Windows Sounds control panel. One user also reported that having the Microsoft Kinect Voice Recognition software running on his PC also caused this error

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