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Thread: Command / key-press macros

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    can I also transfer the keybinding (in "saved_command_macros.json") to the controller (Trustmaster T300)?
    e.g .:
    "action": "Pit Request Toggle",
    "key": "KEY_Q"
    "action": "Pit Request Toggle",
    "wheel": "BUTTON_4"
    Tnx for anwers

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    Unfortunately sending controller button presses isn't supported. I did want to implement it but it's hard - each game uses controllers in a different way and it can even vary by controller. So (for now at least) it's keyboard only.

    I've made some significant changes to how the macros stuff works to simplify them and make them a bit more powerful - will be in the next released (see post 1 in this thread for the WIP documentation)

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