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Thread: Where are the "how to" instructions / docs?

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    Where are the "how to" instructions / docs?

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to set up my pit stop voice command options for CC and I'm not finding them in the list of options in the client, and I came here to try to find any tips or documentation on using the custom command function to set this up - anyone have this?
    Specifically, something for pit stop commands (road racing) for:

    - Give me enough fuel to finish
    - Give me X gallons of fuel


    - Do not change tires this stop

    Is this easier than I'm thinking? It wasn't intuitive using the client to create a command for it for voice command.

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    "pit stop fuel to the end"
    "pit stop add xx gallons" (metric needs to disabled in properties)
    "pit stop clear all tires"

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