Is there a way (preferably a hotkey) to have crew chief scan for new open windows without relaunching the app? (for VR overlay options)

Is there a way to avoid the discord window title problem and just have it overlay any discord window? ("*discord" vs "# general - discord")

key combos for hiding overlays don't seem to work with modifiers (ctrl or alt + space didnt work for me in several iterations) but I would also like the option to set a joy/controller/wheel button to hide VR overlays.

Is there a way to set the gaze sensitivity (sort of how race lab apps has their coefficient which allows the overlay to "fade" in) or is there a way to set a gazing point? example would be, I want it to be a large window barely offcenter but I would like to have to turn my head further than just barely offcenter to view it

Not opposed to editing files manually if necessary just not sure where to start for some of these.

Thank you.

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