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Thread: Just released: create your own stage notes with voice commands

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    Been snowed under with normal work stuff and getting the AMS VR implementation as good as it can be, so i've not looked at any more rally stuff.

    I think the speech recogniser is close to its limit already with the phrases we currently have. I'm not sure if adding a general "to" word to the phrases is sensible but i'll have a look when i get some time. Short and half-long might be a bit safer

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    I'm sorry I phrased myself very wrong in the last post! I was meaning the removal of "to". Right not it says for example "Right 5 tightens to 2" instead of "right 5 tightens 2". So the removal of to was my question, sorry.
    Ya I've been keeping an eye on the AMS VR uploads, can't wait to give it a try in the trophy trucks, getting dizzy right away.

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    Take a look at the speech recognition config file in the app install folder. There are customisation instructions at the top. It should be simple enough to change tightens to X so it's just tightens X, or have both options


    I was about to add this, but it's already there:

    RALLY_TIGHTENS_TO_1 = tightens to one:tightens one:tightens acute:tightens to acute
    RALLY_TIGHTENS_TO_2 = tightens to two:tightens two:tightens kay:tightens to kay
    RALLY_TIGHTENS_TO_3 = tightens to three:tightens three:tightens slow:tightens to slow
    RALLY_TIGHTENS_TO_4 = tightens to four:tightens four:tightens medium:tightens to medium
    RALLY_TIGHTENS_TO_5 = tightens to five:tightens five:tightens fast:tightens to fast
    RALLY_TIGHTENS_TO_HAIRPIN = tightens to hairpin:tightens hairpin

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    Noticed a bug with my corrections, it sometimes add a new note into the system. I've had it in a few examples where it said the distance twice after i did correct earlier.

    For example here is from the corrections.json file.
    "Distance": 776.8123,
    "CorrectedDistance": 726.8123,
    "Pacenote": "detail_tightens_to_2",
    "Modifier": "none",
    "RawVoiceCommand": "correction earlier"
    The real note is a left 3 tighens 2 but and it calls out the note "left 3 tightens 2, 200" and then says "tightens 2" right after that again. I think something funny is happening with the parser and correction earlier hehe

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    Where does CC read notes from when there is no notes made? Is it possible to add notes from others pacenote plugin and make CC read them?

    Also is it just me that has problem with 4s and 5s? CC always thinks my 5 is a 4 the first time I say it untill I correct it. It always understands when I say "correction left 5" but not when I say "left 5" then it think it's a 4. Even tho I'm saying it the exact same way

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    Sorry, I know it's not AC.
    Is there any way to use the reccy function in Assetto Corsa? Pacenotes are working but I would love to create some pacenotes, spoken by Jim, for normal tracks, like Nordschleife.
    I already tried the following:
    -assign talk button
    - say "start stage reccy" (he doesn't understand me)

    Different approach:
    - used CC to create own pacenotes
    - copied a few sound files from the codriver folder
    - pasted into the pacenotes folder
    - exchanged filenames in the pacenotes.json

    This works when "playing pacenotes" is active but it's really time-consuming to edit the .JSON like that.

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