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Thread: Name request: Elizabeth or Liz or Libby

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    Name request: Elizabeth or Liz or Libby

    Noticed that there are not many female names.
    My wife is starting iRacing now and it would be great if she could hear her name in CrewChief.
    I also think "Elizabeth" or "Liz" are for more than "one use", "Libby" of course is a bit specialized.

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    Throwing my +1 in here for Liz

    Really appreciate your work, good sir. This is a damn fine program you've coaxed together.

    I promise to send many coins your way, as soon as the global madness decides that I may have some too.

    edit: You are a golden god. I promise that i'll be racing for hundreds of hours yet. In the A leagues after a month and not showing any signs of fatigue. But hoo boy is it a circus out there with all the new drivers. Thank you for your tireless efforts and regular updates <3
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    Too slow, chicken marengo!

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