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Thread: Requesting Pits

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    Requesting Pits

    I was wondering if it is possible to add replies to Pit Request phrases. I had one setup in Voice Attack but couldnt see one in Crew Chief, or have i missed something.

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    I don't think CC supports that today.

    What does VoiceAttack do? Does it send key press to the game (the one that requests pit stop) in response to the "pit request" voice command?

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    Yes, it sends a key press and then activates a sound file so you get the reply from the pits. With the voice recognition of CC could there not be a phrase inserted with a reply like "OK we're ready for you to pit"

    So far it has been great with the extra sounds, but the pits would nail it.

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    I think it might be possible to make CC announce "Pit stop Confirmed", "pit stop cancelled" in rF2 (and possibly other games) when game confirms/cancels pit stop, I like that idea (in fact, it is already on rF2 backlog). Unfortunately, I checked rF1 data and that particular field is not available in rF1 game data

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    Never mind, what a shame. I will stick with rfactor1 for now.

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