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Thread: Monitoring FFB Function for RF2 possible?

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    Monitoring FFB Function for RF2 possible?

    First of all many thanks for this great program that fills a lot of gaps for all the simulators I like to drive!
    I have a request or suggestion that maybe is asked before and if it is possible or doable,
    but I think would be a nice addition to have when the parameter is available (like in RF2)

    In the past there was a small app that monitored the Force feedback clipping level, but it somehow was not updated.
    Now some use Motec to Monitor the FFB output level channel data created by Lazza, -100 / +100.
    Outside those values the feedback is clipping and flattens out, and you idealy want as little clipping as possible.
    Afaik This depends on used car, track and wheel combination.
    I do the same now in Motec and it works great, but it is kind of a hassle to do and maybe a bit overcomplicated for others to do also.

    Is it possible to add a FFB clipping channel monitor that adds a sound to >100 or <-100, or some speech analisys done on the graph (more complicated), so you can do a FFB adjustment run with your engineer within Crewchief?
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    Yes I know that one, Simhub is also amazing, already made one myself also.
    But in VR you have to use a overlay, And I know that also can be done in crewchief, but with a WMR headset it does not all work that fluently.
    Newcomers have so much to search to get the complete picture....(which i'm not)

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