Hey guys ?
I've been using crewchief for a couple of months now and its truly fantastic but since a pitting fuckup (incompetence on my behalf) in a raceroom ranked race
i started to try to let Jim take care of that on my behalf via speech recognition ..

for now I binded a key to my G29 to talk to Jim , because i got some unwanted behavior (R3E jumping to camera mode all of a sudden etc.
I think my windows speech recognition needs to become smarter i think .. I might need to better calibrate the program )

But as for refueling.. its damn near impossible for the computer to make a distinction between 15 and 50 liters
because phonetically they basically sound the same ..

a good workaround would be to use the military method to convey numbers (when asking fire support on a position we don't like friendly fire hence the following procedure )
which would be :
Pitstop, add ZERO, FIVE liters" (I.E. 5 Liters)
Pitstop, add ONE, FIVE liters" (I.E. 15 Liters)
Pitstop, add FIVE, ZERO liters" (I.E. 50 Liters)

of course the command "pitstop fuel to the end" might be better suited overall .
just my 2 cents