I've only been using CC for a few weeks, but the fuel usage (economy) voice updates have been PERFECT - right up until the one race that I have run with the new update. It just so happened to be the Coca Cola 600 that literally went to a fuel conservation race on the last stint. As a result I wasn't able to pace my fuel usage throughout the run and lost the podium. A little annoying after 4.5hrs!

Anyway, CC is massively under-reporting the remaining number of laps. It seems to be reporting the usage-per-lap successfully (as I remember it from previous races) but it's not corresponding with the remaining laps. It would tell me for example I had 23 laps of fuel left when I really had 50x. I was unable to determine if the estimated "fuel to the end of the race" values were correct as they are reported in L and my F4 was in gallons - and I wasn't really up for doing mental math in the middle of a 600mi race.

I haven't tested it further, but it seems a little coincidental that as soon as it updates the fuel usage reporting breaks.