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phone needs to be on the same network as the console. The console can be on a wired connection and phone on wifi but these must be on the same network (same subnet)

The router needs to support UDP broadcast packets. Most do but some will actively block these packets as some misguided "udp packet flood protection" - there may be an option to turn that off in some routers' settings

phone needs a strong wifi signal

in the game settings, ensure udp is enabled and set to pCars1 mode (pCars2 mode has never worked and all the bugs I reported about it got ignored). UDP rate of 5 is probably a good starting point

that should be it. Ensure the CC app's settings are all at default initially.

Note that some Android phones simply won't work here. They have network stacks that don't forward UDP broadcast packets to apps running on them
Well I can’t mess with the router setting bc I’m in a hotel. Thanks. I’ll try it when I get home in about a month