Just ideas that occur to me while driving, not big deals, but I figured I'd ask anyway ...

I drive IndyCars in iRacing, and in this series, times are measured/reported in thousandths of a second, and gaps are < 1/100th more often than you might think. Especially in qualifying.

Does iRacing expose times in 1/1000ths and is it possible to report them with this precision, or are hundredths as specific as they send via the API?


The pit countdown is huge for me, because it's really easy for me to miss my crew and drive past them. By any chance, can we get a longer countdown?

Currently, for iRacing IndyCars, the time countdown does:

5 - 4 -3 -2 -1

and distance goes:

1,400 feet (or similar) -> 300 feet and I think 100 feet. At 55Mph pit road speed, that gives me about 3.7 seconds to come to a stop, so I tend to not use the outside pit lane for the runup because it's not enough notice to account for traffic that I might have to cut across.

Would it be possible to get updates every 100 feet, or maybe start the countdown from 10 or 20?

Or, as I suspect, is that the granularity that iRacing offers?