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Thread: Opponent Names Request

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    Cool Opponent Names Request

    First and foremost, thanks for the great plugin! Has absolutely transformed my simracing since I discovered it a few months back, can't drive without it now. Love your work!

    I've recently put together a series (complete with skins, helmets, AI tuning etc) for the Skip Barbers in rFactor 2 because I can't get enough of driving the car and racing the AI! Would you be able to add the following names as opponent names in a future update? I've noticed a few of them are already in place, which was a nice surprise to hear (greened out), but it would be fantastic to have the full grid as I'll be doing a YouTube series in the near future and would just add that extra touch of magic.

    All surnames listed below exactly as seen in game, with pronunciation help in brackets if needed. Let me know if anything need a little more clarification!

    1. Kilford
    2. Holt
    3. Rebello (re-bell-o)
    4. Burkhardt
    5. Petrovic (petro-vick)
    6. Bond
    7. Pearson
    8. Woodruff (wood-rough)
    9. Charpentier (shar-pon-tee-ay)
    10. Den Elzen (den-elzen)
    11. Grudzinskas (grud-zin-skiss)
    12. Murray
    13. Jeffrey
    14. Barber
    15. Joyce
    16. Paton (pay-tun)
    17. De Verteuil (de vert-eye)
    18. Torrance
    19. Harcla (hark-lar)
    20. Teron
    21. Laur (law)
    22. Monteiro
    23. Maynard
    24. Kelly
    25. Finney
    26. Lass
    27. Harding
    28. A'Barrow (a-barrow)
    29. Hughes

    Many thanks!
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    Donated and done, looking forward to hearing these names in the future hopefully!

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    I know you have a lot of work to get through, all probably more high-priority than this, but can I expect to hear these opponent names in the spotter at some point in the future? Many thanks.

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    Awesome, thank you so much for the latest update and adding these names into the spotter, this means so much, haven't been able to wipe the grin off my face whilst racing all day! The pronunciations are spot on, but just a few small observations, would be able to have a look for the next update?

    Kilford - seems to have come out as 'Clifford' not 'Kilford'
    Rebello (re-bell-o) - seems to me missing the R at the start and come out at just 'Ebello'
    Den Elzen (den-elzen) - does not seem to register, just comes out as 'The leader' or 'the car ahead' etc.

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    Hey Jim, thanks again for all your hard work on this plugin, it completely transforms the way I go racing and adds so much to my videos, it gets so many comments and people are always asking about the spotter. I've made a few slight changes and added a few more opponents recently, I know you're scaling down personalisation requests for future updates but if there's any chance you could include these names at some point in the future that would be awesome. If not, then no worries, everything you've done so far is massively appreciated!

    • O'Keefe
    • Bergen
    • Denelzen (emphasis on the EL, so Denelzen )
    • Kilford (it's currently voiced but as Clifford instead of [uKil[/u]ford, should be Kilford )

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    Hey Jim, was totally not expecting this update so soon! Awesome job, thanks man. Bergen is working like a treat but noticed that Kilford is now coming out as "Kersh" and "O'Keefe" is coming out as "Hakata" for some reason, strange. Maybe a slight bug in the name to voiceclip recognition? Thought I would let you know. Cheers,

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    argghhh, that's bad. That means the automated processing has assigned the wrong file names. Bugger

    i'll have to fix them manually

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    ok, i've corrected those filenames and deployed a new driver names update. Thanks for the heads-up

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