Hi folks,

I wanted to update you all on the current state of personalisations (and opponent driver names) in Crew Chief. There's an ever-increasing backlog of requests to add more recordings to app, which I'm keeping track of as best I can. I had intended to make a start on this during March and April (my paying gig finishes on Tuesday so i'll have more time), but have run into a couple of problems. First, my kids are at home all the time. This makes recording the personalisations a bit tricky - I can't do the sweary versions and anything I record at the moment has squabbling in the background (kids eh, don't you just love 'em). The bigger problem is my voice. Because of recent events I'm having to increase my asthma medication (my asthma is incredibly mild - barely noticable - I'm fit and healthy but it does put me at slightly higher risk). A side effect of this is that my voice now sounds like I've been smoking Woodbines for the last 30 years, as shown here:


So any personalisations I record at the moment are going to sound weird and can't include any swearing. Maybe this isn't such a big issue - i'll give it a try. Sometimes the scratchy throat side effects subside anyway. Because a single name requires 24 recordings getting through the 100+ backlog will be time consuming (which is OK) and I anticipate not being able to do very many at a time (the first few i record will be scratchy, then they'll improve as my voice warms up, then after recording a some my voice will collapse).

Work on other areas of the app continues and will accelerate (assuming I don't get more paid work for a while) so there'll be some other interesting features arriving soon. I'll probably pick 2 or 3 personalisations, record them and see how they sound and how the voice holds up.

So in short, thanks for the patience, I've not forgotten about this and will get it done when I'm able.

Hope you're all safe and managing with the current madness as best as you can.