Evening all,

Im new to CrewChief so maybe missing a trick, but CC is really struggling to acknowledge my questions or requests during gameplay. If i am back on the desktop and i ask CC if it can hear me, it routinely says that it can. But im not sure if the engine sound is drowning out what it catches in game. I have seen on the console read out the success rate/confidence of what it (thinks!) it is hearing and for the most part is quite a way off of what i am saying. I've tried talking slower, & actually looking up the phrases that it will recognise, all to no avail really and its getting to the point where i might just switch off the car to pit audio as its just not working correctly (for me). Like for instance if i ask, who is in third place, it thinks I have said something along the lines of, of its in third place. So basically, am i missing a trick here? My headphone volume is at 80, and the microphone volume is at 85, with sound enhancements on. I read that having it too loud often does not work, so i have turned the volume back down, but now its not really hearing me at all and i cant recall my settings when it was working resonably ok the other day - so basically im really lost with what to do now. Any help massively appreicated as its a fantastic app.