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Thread: Spotter Inaccuracy, adjustments?

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    Spotter Inaccuracy, adjustments?

    My spotter missed a call of a car inside until it was too late. Is there any adjustments for this?

    He called it just as I came down in turn 4 of the Texas Speedway (NASCAR) in the Trucks iRacing series. I hit the nose of the inside car and spun out.

    The spotter called inside just as I was hitting and being turned. The car that closed inside was not fast, he just nudged inside by a nose.

    I am wondering if the distance setting number for the spotter to call adjustable? Is it based on a line perpendicular to the rear bumper or what is the angle it uses when in a turn? And how far away on inside or outside does it activate?


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    You can adjust this in the iracing app.ini file, its called carLowHiPadding

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sparten View Post
    You can adjust this in the iracing app.ini file, its called carLowHiPadding
    I set that already and it did not make a difference. If you know...just how far to the right or left of your car does the spotter system call...One lane? It seems that way to me. If you are more than a car width away from the inside car, he does not call it till you are closer in...and then it is usually late. My guess is this app uses the same triggers as the iRacing spotter and that is why they both kind of suck in accuracy.

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    Try changing the delay time for the "spotter overlap delay". I have mine set to 10ms instead of 50(default). This will have your spotter call "hold your line" sooner because once a small part of you is overlapping for only 10ms, you will hear the call. These setting are almost at the bottom , or just search "spotter". Not from the drop down menu.

    You can also change "Spotter hold repeat frequency" this will have your spotter call it more often when you are along side a car (could get annoying if you hear it to much lol). Im not sure if this last change takes into account the distance between the vehicles like you mentioned.

    Ive been running these numbers for about a week now and have had better luck with the spotter accuracy.

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