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Thread: cant save any changes!

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    cant save any changes!

    Help! When i tick the "sweary messages" or "run immediatly" it wont save. if i tick other boxes it will be saved. i havent tried every box too see what more wont be ticked.

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    i can't reproduce this issue. Try renaming the Documents/CrewChiefV4 and C:/Users/[user name]/AppData/local/Britton_IT_Ltd/ folders, then launch the app and try again

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    Will try that, have had this problem over many updates, even tried to delete and reinstall. Innstalled crewchief at a friend last night and that worked fine.

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    If i rename the crewchiefv4 i get a error when hitting properties
    If i rename the britton folder it is restarted like new but i stil cant tick the boxes i want.

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