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Thread: Getting constant false positives for "Fuck off"

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    Getting constant false positives for "Fuck off"

    Using the built in mic on the Valve Index, I'm recently getting numerous false positive voice commands, the most common being "fuck off". Without saying anything Crew Chief will constantly say "Understood" "Acknowledged". Pretty annoying outright but it comes with the added annoyance of him turning off constantly. I'm not in a noisy environment and I play using headphones so I'm not really sure what its hearing.

    Are there settings that can be adjusted to mitigate this? It is a new problem, starting within the month or so. 'Confidence' reading is usually .8 and up.

    He also says "Don't have that information" "Cant pronounce that" so its not only the Fuck Off command, its just the most common.

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    Sounds like you might be using Windows built in speech recognition (check if the property 'Prefer windows speech recognition' is enabled). This works well but you need to work through the training process in windows, using the Vive microphone. Alternatively, disable that property and it'll revert back to the Microsoft speech recognition engine which is doesn't need training can copes better with poor microphones and background noise.

    I find the Windows SRE to be more reliable once trained properly but you might get different results

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