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Thread: Starting CC with different profiles from command line?

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    Starting CC with different profiles from command line?

    Hi there I'm wondering if you guys could help me.

    I'm looking to be able to use Voice attack to start CrewChief to make sure its set for Project Cars 2 or Assetto Corsa

    I'd like to just say "Crew Chief Project Cars 2" and it loads in CrewChief set for project cars 2 ready to go

    I'm guessing this would be something to do with command line that I could get Voice attack to run to start CrewChief but I have no idea on what parameters to use to make sure it Crewchief starts for the right settings.

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    From About Crew Chief
    Program start arguments
    If you want to have the game pre-selected, start the app like this for PCars: [full path]\CrewChiefV4.exe PCARS_64BIT. Or use R3E or PCARS_32BIT.
    This can be used in conjunction with the launch_pcars / launch_raceroom / [game]_launch_exe / [game]_launch_params and run_immediately options to set crew chief up to start the game selected in the app launch argument, and start its own process. I'll provide examples of this approach soon.
    I think that you need PCARS2 and ASSETTO_64BIT. To start CC for rF2 I used RF2_64BIT.
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