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Thread: No chief voice options

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    No chief voice options

    Great plugin, many thanks! I reinstalled OS and for some reason CC no longer has options for chief voice, all the voices are available for spotter but not for chief voice, just the default Jim. Before reinstalling OS there were options for both. Only thing I can think of is that I pressed all three download buttons this time whereas before I did one at a time, maybe it errored and needed a restart. Tried uninstalling CC and removing sound packs but no joy!! Any ideas?

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    I just installed Crew Chief and only have the default Jim as well.

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    Same thing happens to me. No one seems to give a shit about these problems. Most threads on folks concerned about issues are dead and have never even been replied to. This problem will likely never be solved.Attachment 291

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    Whoa, I'm amazed of how terrible that screenshot looks. Here's a better one.

    Attachment 292

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    The is only 1 chief voice by default and that Jim, if you want another chief you will need to create a voice pack for it with about 25k single sound recordings.

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    Nope, still garbage. I must be doing something wrong. Anyway, the point is that this is a thing and as far as I know, it's happened to three people already.

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    Maybe you installed a custom sound pack and forgot to reinstall it. Like Morten says, the app only has one Chief voice.

    I give a shit about issues with the app and respond and help where I can, where busy real-life commitments allow. I don't give a shit about rude keyboard warriors who fail or refuse to recognise their own mistakes

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