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Thread: It is no longer working

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    It is no longer working

    Crew Chief is not working. At one time it was working just fine on all sims but it stopped. Then months later ( don’t know how many) I tried it and it was working but then it stopped again after a short time. So I uninstalled it and complete deleted very thing on my computer I searched for that was Crew Chief. Then I reinstalled it and still nothing. In the past when I would start Crew Chief from my desktop before starting any sim I would hear a radio check now I don’t. I’m running Windows 10, computer is about a year old, I can run any sim at max. That all I can think of, any ideas out there?

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    Someone on steam helped me.

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    What was the solution? i have a similar problem, sometimes it feels that the crew chief gets stuck and doesnt replay anymore

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    This is what they said. [[Check if you have 'windows sonic for headphones' enabled (right click on volume icon near clock on task bar and look for 'spatial sound' or something like that).

    For me crew chief works when this is enabled, If i disable it I hear only background noise but not voice.]] Click on spatial sound (windows sonic for headphones) off was checked, I clicked on windows sonic for headphones to give it a check mark. Then it started working.

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