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Thread: Unable to hear CC. Using Oculus Rift with Iracing

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    Unable to hear CC. Using Oculus Rift with Iracing

    Using Oculus Rift with Iracing.

    Start up CC before Iracing. press "Start application". Can hear the "radio check" message in my headset.
    Have selected Iracing as the game in the list.

    Fire up a race, I only hear the default spotter from Iracing. No CC sounds at all.

    Anything I need to do to "activate" Crew Chief inside Iracing?
    Anyone else had similiar problem?

    Is it possible to force CC to use certain outputs?

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    search for naudio in properties and enable that for both messages and for background sounds

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    You have to turn off spotter in iracing. And on your PC sound setting use rift.

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