I've only been running cc for a season or so. I didn't save the log file and it hasn't happened since but:

I was running the HPD at Monza a couple of weeks ago and around mid race I asked for fuel to the end and got 33L, with 1 lap to go I realized (on my own) that wasn't going to be enough so I had to stop for a splash. I again asked for fuel to the end and it wanted to give me another 33L (I overrode it with 5L). I also noticed that for some reason that event the crew chief wasn't very chatty. Never reported lap times or blue flags, fuel windows, fuel shortage! etc but would answer direct questions.

I've run several events since and as a precaution asked for a couple of litres more than the recommended "fuel to the end" value but so far the recommended amount appears to have been correct. And the crew chief is back to his chatty self.

Other than that it's been great!