Not sure if this is known issue or not, but the software is miscalculating the fuel for Heat-Based League sessions.

I am running in a league that uses the Heat format in order to have the 2 races. Main race is the 1st one, 40 minutes with one pitstop, and the second one has an inverted grid, 25 minutes, no pitstop needed.

What happens is that iRacing/Crew Chief does not detect the 1st Heat - 40 minutes as a time-based race, and considers the race as having 99 laps. So, when you enter for the pitstop, on auto-refuel, it will always completely refuel the car, instead of only adding the amount needed to complete de 40 minutes.

I don't believe this is an iRacing issue, as there are other softwares who report the fuel needed to end the race correctly in this scenario.