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    Bad Fuel Calculations


    I'm currently using v4.9.8.24, I was in a league race and had some incorrect and conflicting fuel calculations from the commands "How's my fuel? and "Pitstop fuel to the end", it was a 2hr race at Spa in the GT1s, it was meant to be multi-class but only GT1s showed up.

    I came into the pits for the first time about 30 minutes in, the admin threw a caution when I was in the pitlane, I'm wondering if this is what caused the issue with Crew Chief.

    After a few laps under caution, going green and then a few more green laps I gave the command "Pitstop fuel to the end", Crew Chief gave me 10 Litres which I knew was incorrect as I had calculated pre-race I would need around 90 Litres. With the caution laps this would have been reduced but not by so much. This was at 15:12:24.392 in the log.

    I then asked "How's my fuel?" Crew Chief responded that I needed 65 Litres to get to the end which sounded more correct. By the time it got close to my stop Crew Chief was advising nearly 70L so this is what I went with however this ended up being too much fuel, we ended up with another caution so I couldn't work out how much it was over at the end.

    I did give the command "Pitstop fuel to the end" a few more times after the first time and the amount was rising but still incorrect.

    I've attached the log, if you need any more info let me know. Like I said I suspect the manual caution flag being thrown might be the cause.
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