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Thread: Project Cars 2: No pit board or pit crew

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    Exclamation Project Cars 2: No pit board or pit crew

    Hello all, first time poster here.

    Currently running a league with a few friends of mine, all using crew chief. When we call in to request a pit stop, we get the acknowledgment, but we do not get the pit board on the left side of the screen like if the program is off. When we do pull into the pits, we get no crew showing, but yet the tyres/fuel/repair still occurs, just with no cinematic camera. We cant even use the ICM to request a pitstop. Is there a fix for this we're just missing or is something wrong? The shared memory is PC2, UDP frequency at 3, and UDP protocol version at PC2.

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    PC or console? If your playing on pc and crew chief is running on pc, you don't need to enable UDP.

    The request pitstop request function just sends a single key press to the game. The crew chief readme file (in the root of your crew chief installation folder) contains macros section the explains how this works and what in-game key bindings the app is expecting

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    Im on PC, the binding works and it requests the pitstop like it used to.
    The problem is the pit board itself doesn't shown on screen when a stop is requested, and when I go to pit, the crew isn't there. The actions are still done but without the crew models or camera. The pit function works with the ICM without CC running, but you can't request with the ICM.

    Is having UDP set the probable cause?

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