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Thread: Broken after update

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    Broken after update

    I just allowed CrewChief to proceed with the latest update and after that I keep getting this message

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    Pressing OK just regenerates it infinitely so I press cancel and this runs the app but like it says, with no personalizations which practically renders it useless for me.
    Trying to personalize it leads to the same message and back to square one.
    Is there a fix or is there an older version I can roll back to?
    Thank you.

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    nothing has changed in this part of the app in the last update, but I did have a report from another user that his virus checker (Bit Defender) was flagging either the app or the assets it was trying to write to Documents/CrewChiefV4/ or c:\Users\[user name]\AppData\local\CrewChiefV4\ as malicious.

    Might be worth adding an exclusion for CC (or however it works for your checker). Also, you can try deleting the Documents/CrewChiefV4/ folder and the c:\Users\[username]\AppData\local\Britton_IT_Ltd\ folder and restarting the app if you want to reset it back to factory settings


    older versions of the app's installer are available for download at[version number].msi - for example,

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    OK, I had a big Windows 10 update today earlier as well.
    After uninstalling CrewChief, upon reinstall Windows did not want me to allow to install it and I had to manually pull through the Windows warnings.
    Deleting the above folders did not help, I will try later an older version but I can see this could be a firewall issue.
    I never run antivirus software of any kind so it is the Win 10 built in protection that may be causing this after the update.
    In Windows defender though the app is registered.

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    OK, rolled back to version and all is running fine again.

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    Where do u find older versions please ?

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