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Thread: CC reporting wrong information

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    CC reporting wrong information

    Like lap time are best in class.
    That is your fastest lap time. This is mostly right but sometimes is wrong.
    Position reporting and grid positions are wrong but I have my car number sat at 20.

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    I was going to send similar message, but since there is already one i'll add here.

    iRacing information is kinda random.

    Most likely when starting running start it says 'stay on left lane' when infact you start from right or wiseversa. Then it can sometimes report offtrack when iracing doesn't show any offtracks. I learned to ignore these after messed up one Q lap because of this.

    Then reporting position is most likely wrong. "You are fifth." Next lap it might say "you are fourth" when infact I haven't changed position at all (also checked from iracing 'blackbox'). And list goes on. I can't even remember everything.

    Good thing that it does (most of the time) report faster slower/faster classes correctly.

    These isseus happen on multi class. Haven't raced single class races awhile so don't if this happens there too.

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    some of the iRacing data being sent from the game is very difficult to use and often wrong (like the pace line left / right indication). The race positions are nonsense so we have to do a lot of farting around to derive them - this mostly works well but not always (due to other issues in the data). Multiclass races are at the mercy of the class IDs being sent by the game. Which are often wrong. Or nonsense.

    Off track reports are based on the information sent by the game about the terrain under each wheel. You can be entirely off track according to this data but the game won't give a 1x for it.

    "information is kinda random", "and the list goes on". Garbage in, garbage out. If the list is so big, don't use the app. Or give us log files and (preferably) debug traces so we can actually investigate

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    Alrighty then. First suggestion is 'not use app' and second is to provide some log files tells a lot. If you'd really wanted those logs you'd tell me how to get them. I tried to search debug from properties and saw nothing. Also didn't find how to save console if that's the 'log' you were referring to. Didn't see any log files in program directory.

    The 'list goes on' because I don't memorize every single error I notice during race. I'm focused on something else then..usually driving. Also didn't say that those really bothers that much since I've learned already what information to ignore and what not. And I know that nobody is forcing me using this app. Also didn't say that those examples bothered me since I've learned to ignore them. Mostly use it as a spotter and fuel calculations.

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