Hi there,
I’ve been trying to set up CC properly for a couple of days now, with very little success. The main issue I could recognise was the complete absence of messages (including the “radio check” when the app gets started. I therefore Red the FAQs and discovered that the sounds were played on the TV rather than on my headphones.

I then went on to change the preferred device for CC from W10 sound panel. Here are my findings:
- default: messages and background through the TV;
- NVIDIA HD audio: same as above;
- Digital audio: same as above;
- speakers (which is where I get the audio for my headphones, I use he 3,5mm jack on the front of my case due to distance reasons): only background sounds, no messages whatsoever.

I the tried to use nAudui, changing the output device as I went. Here’s what I found:
- NVIDIA HD audio: messages through the TV;
- Digital audio: same as above;
- Speakers: nothing more than background sounds.

Does anyone have an idea on how to solve this problem?
Are the information I gave you enough to get the picture?
Please let me know if you need more details.

Thank you for your support.