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Thread: Unable to recognize Microphone (Blue Snowball Ice)

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    Question Unable to recognize Microphone (Blue Snowball Ice)

    I'm a livestreamer, and use a Blue Snowball Ice for my audio input. I'm running into an issue where CC isn't finding it at all.. I've followed all the instructions in the Sticky, my mic is the default device in windows, the volume is maxed, all apps have access to it, but this is all I get every time. I've tried Hold button and press/release.

    04:41:25.731 : PlaybackModerator: Injecting: end_bleep and alternate_short_start_bleep messages. Spotter interrupted Chief.
    04:41:27.560 : PlaybackModerator: Closing radio channel as Spotter
    04:41:28.718 : Listening for voice command...
    04:41:28.718 : Opened channel - waiting for speech
    04:41:28.718 : Getting audio from default device
    04:41:29.925 : Invoking speech recognition...
    04:41:29.925 : Cancelling wait for speech
    04:41:31.966 : No speech input was detected
    04:41:31.966 : PlaybackModerator: Opening radio channel as Chief
    04:41:32.354 : Playing sounds, events: acknowledge/didnt_understand
    04:41:32.354 : (acknowledge/didnt_understand)
    04:41:33.507 : PlaybackModerator: Closing radio channel as Chief
    Any thoughts?

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    not sure what to suggest here - that should work. Have you tried enabling the "use nAudio for speech recognition" property? This uses a different audio path and allows you to choose an audio input device from within the app. Be aware that it comes with its own set of problems - it's not as stable and "trigger word" and "press and release button" modes aren't available

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