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Thread: CC causes major lags in PC2

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    CC causes major lags in PC2

    Hi guys,

    I´ve just tried out CC for a few races (in Project CARS 2), but it seems to cause major lags on my PC.
    The game runs quite nice without CC running. Offline custom races are mostly lag-free with CC running, but online multiplayer races are almost unplayable due to lags.
    I´ve already lowered my PC2 settings substantially, but the lags still appear (though less frequent).
    I´ve read that nAudio my cause some problems, but I have had it unchecked anyways.

    I would highly appreciate if someone is able to help me out as I really enjoy the app when it runs smoothely.

    Kind regards,

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    can you post the console log from the app when it's causing lags please

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    Wow, thanks a lot for your instant response!!

    I´ve done some races today again to save some console logs.
    I have to say I haven´t had any lags in the first few races and upped the performance settings of PC2 to my original state. Still no lags for about <10 races.
    Then, I had a race with lots of stutters, finished it and saw that there is a CC update. Installed the update, but failed to save the console log (my bad).
    The next race stuttered as well, though not during qualifying. I cleared the CC console before the actual race and saved the console log after the race in a txt file (stutters.txt).
    In the following race: again no stutters during qualifying, but during the race. I´ve saved the log as well (stutters2.txt) allthough I´m not sure whether it includes qualifying or not (I think yes).

    I redid the last two races in an offline costum race (same conditions and CC running, just AI instead of real drivers) and had no lags there.
    I think the problems might be caused by internet issues, but I don´t know if it´s my connection or some kind of data processing or even something completely different.

    I hope the logs help to pinpoint and resolve the issues.
    Thanks a lot again!!
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