Hi all. The first thing is to thank and congratulate those who have done this great program and continue to make continuous improvements and updates (administrators of this forum), which make this great project is kept alive. When I discovered it I was amazed by the great content it has. And even more as I was translating, discovering how complete it is. I did not leave my amazement as I discovered it. In short, for me it is a dream come true.

I started translating it a year ago and I finally finished it completely (without customizations). There is still a lot of information that I have not heard on the track. So I have them stored for as I hear them, I will adapt them and add them.

I am writing to see if they give me the permission to put here the download link of this first part of the translation and future updates (improvements, corrections, etc). So people who speak Spanish can enjoy this great program 100%.

I look forward to your response to my request.

Thank you very much for your work and dedication !!!

A greeting!!!

Jose Dorta (Xiry)