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Thread: CC Reporting Wrong Position

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    CC Reporting Wrong Position

    Several people have reported this as well on Iracing forum. I tried to see a pattern while racing but that is not easy . I just thought maybe I should have checked to see if CC is reporting Relative position on the track instead race position. I know it is not position by class.

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    I did see the thread on IR forums, but was to busy playing assassin's creed odyssey to reply , It mainly happens in multiclass races, i think its related to CC not grouping cars in correct classes.
    There is a file in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Britton IT Ltd\CrewChiefV4" called carClassData.json where some cars and classes have been defined and grouped but this is not always correct. If a carclass has been defined in this file it will overwrite the games carclass settings, so its important to have all cars in a session defined and grouped in this file.
    We have a thread HERE that explains how to customize car classes.
    Also towed cars can have an impact on the real time position reporting as well as not having all(63) cars enabled in IR gfx settings.
    I also know there are some issues in endurance races with driver change and wrong position reporting.

    This goes to anyone who is willing to help us, we desperately need debug traces ( from iRacing session to fix the bugs as replicating them is next to impossible, specially in iRacing where you have to race online. So if your interested in helping us with this matter please upload your trace to your favorite file sharing site and send us the link on or on our discord channel Traces brings more value then a donation.
    Warning: Do not attempt to do this if you have disable your paging file and your running on limited memory as recording traces consumes memory but does NOT impact performance.
    Also do not try to record a full 24 hour event :P
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    Sparten when the next Iracing season opens I will try to give you a debug trace.

    I have limited the number of cars being viewed because of using VR and FPS problems. I will up that and see what happens. I do race multiclass but rarely is there more than one class in my split.

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    I set the number of cars that can be viewed back to 20 from my previous setting of 10 in iracing then tried an Oval race. Position reporting worked just fine.

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    On road racing, IMSA at Imola, CC announced all GT3 cars were on the poll. A couple people noted on voice channel CC had said they were on the poll. I said me too.

    Will try to do debug trace.

    What is a good file sharing site to use?

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    My CC also reports that I'm on pole every time I enter a LeMans or IMSA race no matter where I am starting. If that is the only bug I have to endure to have this app then I am very pleased. This has saved me so much time and frustration doing endurance racing as well as standard LeMans races. I love having it do the fuel calculations. I used to do a full fuel run in each car I would drive and then calculate the fuel usage and time it took to complete the laps. It was then a guess how much extra to add depending on the remaining time.

    Thanks for all this functionality. I haven't even thought about fuel in the past few months.

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    Reporting the wrong position is getting worse.

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    Did you manage to get a debug trace? Nothing has changed in the app so I wonder if the game data is somehow different

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randy1 View Post
    Reporting the wrong position is getting worse.
    I have an idea to try. I just found out in "Account" iracing settings, I had my internet speed setting too low. That meant Iracing was not sending me a full set of data on other cars. I think the error in position reporting got worse when the field was quite large. Not sure I can run a test today but will try.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr_belowski View Post
    Did you manage to get a debug trace? Nothing has changed in the app so I wonder if the game data is somehow different
    I did not have enough time to start the debug tool yesterdaybefore the race because I messed up my setup and scrambled to get it fixed. The internet speed setting had no effect on the last race.

    For yesterdays race, I did increase the number of cars Iracing will show from 20 to 30. That made a big difference but it was still off by one or two positions.

    A little history, After installing CC, it worked fine reporting the position properly. Because of FPS problems I started lowering the number of cars Iracing would show. I went down to ten before the last Iracing update. I think this was during week 13. After iracing started the new session the CC position reporting problem surfaced. I went to 20 cars Iracing shows and that might have helped some. Then going to 30 made a big difference as CC reported position within one or two.. The number of cars in the race was 38

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